Andrew Barovick Volunteers to Help the Needy

Sharehouse Volunteer Event


White Plains, New York lawyer, Andrew Barovick, has a passion for two things: live music at local venues, and volunteering within his Westchester County community to help out those in need.  So when he learned that his favorite local music venue, The Capitol Theater, in Port Chester, was organizing worthwhile volunteer projects, and appealing to its fans to participate in them, he saw a great opportunity to do good with some likeminded locals. And it didn’t hurt that volunteers would be rewarded for their community spirit with tickets to an upcoming show at The Cap.  It is all part of #TheCapCares Volunteer Program. 

On a recent Saturday morning, Andrew Barovick met up with about 14 other volunteers from #TheCapCares in a warehouse at Westchester County Airport.  Their mission?  To help move donated furniture on and off of trucks for Furniture Sharehouse, a Westchester-based organization whose mission is to provide “free furniture to economically disadvantaged individuals and families…giving them the basic household furnishings that enable them to rebuild their lives and live with dignity.” 

With the help of his fellow volunteers, Andrew Barovick helped facilitate the delivery of gently-used items of furniture to Westchester homes that needed basic items—tables, chairs, beds and storage chests. The work was not easy, but Andrew was impressed and buoyed by the efforts of those around him, who had varying levels of ability and strength, but were all cheerfully dedicated to the task at hand.  And everyone got to talk about their favorite Capitol Theatre performances and bands.  

Andrew Barovick spoke with pride about the people whose lives are improved by Furniture Warehouse’s efforts. “The furniture goes right to the people who need it most—moms and kids escaping domestic violence, folks who are transitioning out of homeless shelters and into more permanent housing, veterans in need.”   

Andrew Barovick will be back for more volunteer work through #TheCapCares. And he will also be back for more shows at The Capitol Theatre. But he particularly enjoyed the Railroad Earth show he attended at The Cap later the same day,  using the tickets he earned helping Furniture Sharehouse help Westchester residents in need.