Andrew Barovick Joins Judges, Lawyers to Volunteer at Mock Trials

barovick volunteers at mock trials


White Plains, New York personal injury lawyer, Andrew Barovick, served as a judge in the American Mock Trials Association tournament, held at Iona College in New Rochelle on Sunday, March 20, 2022.

Barovick joined with other Westchester County and New York City based lawyers, judges, and retired judges who volunteered their time to judge talented college students, from all over the United States, and Toronto, Canada, as they acted as lawyers and witnesses in a mock trial. 

The students prepared by not only learning the facts of the fictional case to which they were assigned, but by learning the rules of evidence of the fictional state in which the case would be tried.  The evidentiary rules were based on the Federal Rules of Evidence, which are challenging to use even for the most experienced lawyers and judges. Perhaps more fun, but no less important, they had also learned at least the essentials of trial advocacy, so that they were well-practiced in delivering opening and closing statements, and in the direct and cross examination of witnesses. 

Andrew Barovick shared his judging duties with a sitting judge of a Westchester city court. Both were quite impressed with the college competitors who appeared before them.  They argued their points persuasively, made good use of the rules of evidence, and showed the passion of true trial lawyers.  

Barovick and his fellow judge rated each competitor for each task they undertook during the trial, i.e., opening statement, direct examination of a witness.  And once the scores were tallied and the paperwork handed in to the tournament’s organizers, they provided feedback and practice tips to the competitors.  

Andrew Barovick will be back for next year’s tournament, and not just for the excellent lunch provided and the 3 credits of continuing legal education. He will return for the thrill of seeing the talent and dedication evident in what will be the next generation of law students, who will become fellow lawyers.  

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